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What we stand for.

Eco threads is about being clothed the right way, no fast fashion here. We believe the only way to do fashion right, is to place the earth and its beings first.

It can be hard to find ethical clothing, living in a time where price comes before fairness. We are are bombarded with super affordable clothing, but at the expense of our planet and its beings. Cotton farmers are exploited, water resources polluted by chemicals and toxic dyes, working conditions are unsafe, underpaid and often contain child labour.

Eco Threads takes a stand against exploitation. All of our products are certified organic (GOTS) and support the Fairwear Foundation, with all of our cotton grown by family owned farms in India. Our suppliers eradicate the middle men by purchasing the cotton directly from the families, maximising the profit they receive. Even our packaging is biodegradable within just 3-6months!

With our passion and determination, we aim to raise awareness and create a greener supply chain in the clothing industry. Our dream is that one day the chain will be fair, moral and ethical everywhere we shop.

This is just the beginning of Eco Threads. Our vision is to cover all of your wardrobes needs.

Join the ethical revolution.

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